A Pleasant Shade of Gray

The complete guitar transcription of APSOG is out now. Our very own Walter Cianciusi wrote the book together with Jim Matheos from Fates Warning, who personally revised every page.


Fates Warning

A new worldwide deal with Mighty Music

Headless are very proud to announce the signing of a new worldwide record deal with Mighty Music, Denmark’s premier heavy metal label since 1997.
Two new singles will be released on July 6th 2015.
Both songs, entitled respectively Shortage and So Much of a Bore, have been co-written by Goran Edman, Walter Cianciusi and Dario Parente.
A brand new album is scheduled for early 2016.

The following is a list of our physical distributors worldwide.

Denmark, Sweden & Norway: Target Group
Finland: Supersounds
UK + rest of the world: Plastic Head
France: Season Of Mist/Soundworks
GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland): Soulfood
Benelux: Suburban
US: Mighty Music USA
Italy: Audioglobe
Greece: Soundforge
Spain: Mastertrax
Poland/Czech Republic: Mystic
Portugal: Mastertrax

Mighty Music Logo